Discernment Counseling

Are you considering divorce? Before making a final decision, with long-term consequences for yourself and a wide range of people in your couple-life including most importantly your children, consider discernment counseling in a safe, judgement-free zone.

While some couples know, without a doubt, that they want to file for divorce, others contemplate restoration. Discernment counseling is a proactive option. Rather than focusing on the marital issues, we will decide if the marriage has the potential for being restored. We will choose, together, what life you would like to transition toward. Often when faced with a change we look for ways to incorporate this into the life we are leading. In the case of a major life transition like divorce, Values-Based Counseling helps to determine how the life we are leading will adapt to this foundational shift.

We will explore questions like:

  • What happened in the relationship to pull you apart?
  • What about my attachment style influences my intimate relationships and created disconnect in this one?
  • Where did things begin to go wrong? How did our negative relational cycle bring us to this moment?
  • Can this be salvaged?
  • Are both people in agreement, committed to marital restoration?
  • Would both parties agree to future marriage counseling, if needed?
  • Was marriage counseling sought in the past? Did it help?

Typically speaking, discernment counseling is short-term. Many times we can carve out an answer in two or three sessions. Some situations may require additional meetings. This counseling option works best when both parties are in agreement to attend although individual sessions are also offered.

If only to have no regrets, consider discernment counseling before making this very important life changing decision.