I saw myself as possessing few of the attributes I admired in others, and this interfered with my capacity to cope with ordinary life tasks. I would withdraw and deny past resentment in an attempt to portray a happy image of general well-being. Under stress I would feel both misunderstood and mistreated and become deeply depressed. My work with Dr Delshad has helped me see my negative patterns, accept and even like myself and recognize my needs and communicate my feelings. I feel transformed thanks to this work

EFT Client, 2014

I worked with Nadia for a period of 6 years, both as a colleague and business partner at Southside Psychology Centre. Nadia was a delight to work with on a number of levels. She displayed a combination of excellent clinical skills, integrity, common sense, efficiency and business acumen, which would make her an asset to any organization. She is highly organized and motivated, in both her clinical and management skills. She has a broad background both academically and in practice, with training and experience in child psychology, forensic psychology, organizational psychology, clinical hypnosis as well as clinical psychology, which enhances her ability as a clinician. She has significant experience in the assessment of treatment of anxiety, depression and adjustment issues, both in adults and children. She also has had significant success in treatment of more complex clinical cases, with multiple issues or personality disturbance. Her clinical reputation is excellent, with positive feedback from clients and providers. She is committed to the provision of high quality psychological services, based on current research and thinking in the field of psychology. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Delshad as a clinician or provider of psychological services. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

Lynda Troy, 1998-2005

Principal, Mind Professionals Pty Ltd

I employed Nadia’s professional services over a period of several years when I needed assistance with severe mental illness, addictive behaviors, grief, stress management, general counseling and self-awareness and improvement. Nadia impressed me profoundly with her personal style and professional approach. I was helped with practical and sensible advice in my own problem solving efforts. Achievable goals were set, and we progressed towards them at my own pace. Realistic outcomes were sought. Nadia’s patience and tolerance and at all times encouragement were her personal attributes which inspired me to want to succeed at often difficult times. Nadia is undyingly loyal, compassionate, caring, sincere, available in manner, supportive and most generous with her academic and professionally acquired talents. Without the blessing of Nadia in my life throughout a particularly tough period and all the help she gave me, without being too melodramatic, I can say that I may likely not be here today. I have and always will have the utmost confidence in Nadia and unhesitatingly recommend her and her personal attributes and professional qualities to anybody in need of an outstanding psychologist.

Alison Hall, 1996-1998

Retired Barrister-at-Law

Nadia is an experienced psychologist who has significant expertise in the areas of Anxiety, Depression, and Personality Disorders. She achieves excellent results with her clients and I would recommend her highly as a clinician. Nadia is well thought of by her peers and has excellent interpersonal skill. As well as her clinical expertise she is also a good presenter and educator which is due to her vast knowledge and continued professional development.

Julie Evans, 1996-2006

Manager, Qld Health